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Nimule National Park

On the border with Uganda is Nimule National Park. The Nile River cuts along the eastern border of the park for 48 kilometers. The road from Uganda to Juba cuts along the eastern border of the park next to the Nile. The park has 41,000 hectares or 101,270 acres and was originally created to protect the White Rhino, which is now extinct. The park is the most accessable of South Sudan's parks. A three hour drive from Juba, on a newly reconstructed road, makes visiting the park, all year, possible.

A herd of elephant have made the park their home, realizing they are safe in the park. Most often they are found on an island in the Nile called Opekoloe. This herd of about 70 animals wanders back and forth across the border with Uganda.

Nimule Elephant Herd. Some have been gps radio collared with funds from USAid.


Nile Crocodile

Elephant, Uganda Kob, Lelwel Hartbeeste, Crocodile, Duiker, Hippo, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Oribi, Leopard, Olive Baboon, Vervet monkey, Warthog, and incredible bird life exist in the park.

Olive baboon mother with child getting a ride. There are several troops of baboons at the park.

Elephant blocking the road to the rapids at Nimule.

 Nimule National Park motor launch used to cross the Nile River



Hippos in the Nile at Nimule


Malachite King Fisher on the Nile River bank.

Park Ranger

 Rapids on Nile bordering the park. The park is to he left of the Nile in this photo.


Photo from 1957 of the Nimule Rhino herd. The Rhinos were the the original reason for the park's establishment. Now they are extinct in the area.

South Sudan Wildlife Service ranger guide posted at Nimule National Park.




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